The new standard in generating and managing your multilanguage data.

Fully managed cloud translation portal with REST APIs that enables applications, products and services, generate and manage their multilanguage data securely.

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Everything You Need in One Service

Top container for all your multilanguage data. Supports translation and storage with our hosted servers or seamless integration with your enterprise cloud provider.
Multilanguage page with source and target translation languages. Supports managed automatic translation or manual translation workflow with your certified linguist.
Translation Units
Smart encapsulation of the source text and its translated target texts for each target language defined in the owning multilanguage page.
Word, phrase or sentence based translation unit.
Name value pair based translation unit.
Paragraph based translation unit.
Containerized Value
Containerized word or sentence based translation unit.
Containerized Property
Containerized name value pair based translation unit.
Defines customers to manage your external multilanguage projects.

Translation Management For All

Use the translation management service at all levels of your product, service or application life cycle.

Translation & Storage Providers

Hosted Cloud Services
Hosted cloud services use Microsoft Translator for automatic translations and secure storage of your projects and pages with our servers. Your Perpetual Intelligence subscription fees includes the usage of hosted cloud services.
Enterprise Cloud Services
The enterprise cloud services integrates pi.multilanguage(); with your Cloud Provider account. You use the pi.multilanguage(); service, API, projects, pages, translation units, and workflow transiently and we seamlessly store your multilanguage data securely with your enterprise-owned cloud account.
Sensitive Multilanguage Data
You can choose to perform automatic translation for your general public data or perform manual translation workflow for your sensitive data with your certified translation provider.

Translation Workflow

Choose a translation workflow that best suits your business needs.

Manual Translation Workflow

Add your trusted translation provider (for e.g. your certified linguist) to your business account and generate the translation or multilanguage data securely.

With enterprise cloud integration to your cloud account your sensitive multilanguage data never leaves your system. This is especially important for your sensitive and proprietary multilanguage data.

Automatic Translation Workflow

Use your trusted Neural Machine Translation providers such as Amazon Translate, Microsoft Translator to provide a reliable starting point for your translation projects.

Neural Machine Translation significantly improves the overall translation management workflow by providing automatic translations for your translation units.

Hybrid Translation Workflow

Best of both worlds ! Use a combination of Manual and Automatic Translation Workflow.

  • Sensitive Data: Use your trusted translation provider (for e.g. your certified linguist) for translating your sensitive data securely.
  • General Data: Use your trusted Neural Machine Translation providers such as Amazon Translate, Microsoft Translator for translating your general public data.
  • Review: Use the page workflow state to review and modify the automatic neural machine translation by your certified linguist in the context of your application.
  • Publish: Publish the reviewed translated pages for production and avoid any future changes to them.

pi.api(); is our gateway for all HTTP/HTTPS JSON REST APIs. You can use these APIs from your favorite programming language such as C++, PHP, Python, Ruby, .NET, Java, Perl, Node.js etc. The API specification is powered by OpenAPI Specification (OAS3) and Swagger UI.